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Playing Action Role-Playing Games Made in China

adminuser | 04 February, 2017 10:51

If you're familiar with Diablo—the mega-hit action role-playing game released by Blizzard Entertainment back in December 31, 1996 known for its hack-and-slash isometric gameplay that makes it look like you're controlling miniatures on a board but in interactive videogame mode, then you should be able to enjoy the offerings brought to you by PlayDH. The Blizzard North hack-and-slash RPG set in the Kingdom of Khanduras has you, the hero, go against the Lord of Terror known as Diablo. The Chinese equivalent of this multi-layered game involves the Legend of Son Wukong (in Japanese, Son Goku) as he journeys to the West along with the Monk Tripitaka or Xuanzang, Zhu Bajie (a pig man), and ShaWujing (a water imp). Instead of adventuring to defeat Diablo, it involves their adventures to get the Buddhist sutras from the West.

Jam-Packed Adventure with Loads of Lore

* The adventurers are supposed to fetch the sutras of "transcendence and persuasion for good will" and bring it back to the East for the sake of teaching the Land of the South another way of living aside from indulging in hedonism, sin, promiscuity, and greed. The game covers Son Wukong's adventures as the stone monkey that defied Heaven itself and all the other disciples of Xuanzang. It's an RPG that has a level-up system reminiscent of Final Fantasy.

* However, it plays more like Diablo and has a bigger emphasis on action and adventure with a bit of puzzle solving, weapon and armor management, and picking the right team to handle different enemies, tasks, and levels. Speaking of which, the game also follows the Diablo tradition of randomly generating the levels for the sake of giving you a different experience every time. What more can you ask for in a game?

* You're less likely to get bored with PlayDH if you're faced with something new every time. This game has gone through loads of iterations since its introduction back in 2005 all the way to its latest iOS version. It features PVP fighting, multiplayer battle, a loot system that gives you bonuses and new weapons for every win (the victor goes the spoils) and a legendary tale that has stood the test of time.

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